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Own a company?
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This nation will remain the land of the free
only so long as it is the home of the brave.
~Elmer Davis

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Everything you might want to know about Tim Maxwell.
(and some you don't!)

Articles written by Tim Maxwell

News articles about Maxwell's Wounded Warriors Team

If you are interested in seeing videos about Wounded Warriors and their families ,

including Sesame Street (yes, the dad was wounded!), go to this page.

Stop trying to ignore your problems . Loneliness is a bad thing.

Join our team, and s hare your stor y!

Learning stories about others can be useful.

Learn about a few of them.

Provides some information on Traumatic Brain Injury .

Most importantly, there is a TBI test, created by Dr. Glen Johnson from the Clinical Neuropsychologist in Traverse City, MI.

It will help you decide if you need to see a Neurologist.

On the TBI sub page, there are good articles that talk about TBI, and there is a video about TBI.

With low-level TBI, it is very difficult to understand what is going on in your brain. TBI is not the same as PTSD, but people often think it is.

Only trust your self ! Do a little research, and TAKE THIS FRICKIN TEST!

The " TBI Team" - Learn more about TBI.
We, the "TBI Guys", are all different.
But we are all treated the same.

I had met hundreds of warriors who are suffering with a TBI .

Here are a few stories .

Blindness does not necessarily mean being totally blind .
Surprised? I was.
Blind Veterans Association taught me everything I needed to know.
They are extremely aggressive, helping blind.

Having a bad day? Meet a few Blind Warriors.

IED 's and other types of explosions are brutal. That being said, people are living through injuries that they never would have lived through.
Meet some Warriors who struggling through this . While it is not easy, they continue to survive.

Hospitals -it is important to know that you can pick your own hospital.

PTSD - some information about PTSD

Families are amazing. Spouses, parents, aunts, uncles..you name it, they are great.
Here are some stories.


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