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Fostering healing through togetherness



Warrior 2 Warrior
SEMPERMAX’s signature program, Warrior 2 Warrior engages wounded warriors to visit other wounded warriors at their place of residence or care facility in an effort to reduce feelings of isolation and disenfranchisement from society. The program envelopes wounded service members and families back into a team environment where support, networks and advocacy can make positive forward change in their lives. Purposed-filled retreats at Semper Fi Farm are one tool used to support this program.

Warriors “Pay It Forward”

Through Warriors “Pay It Forward” an intrinsic team connection and another avenue of healing and recovery is made throughout the community as warriors reach out to, help, and advocate for others within society at large or within their military network.



Meeting of the Minds

Group gatherings provide a heightened sense of shared impact – a reminder that no one is alone in the sequelae of traumatic injuries or events. Meeting of the Minds brings together wounded warriors, their families and families of KIA in an informal forum where socialization and sharing of experiences, best practices, limitations, hopes, dreams, etc. can lead to collective healing and positive relationships. Our Flag Day Event held in June at Semper Fi Farm has become our biggest venue for this program.


Rose Beyond the Thorns

Spouses and caregivers of wounded service members give the care and well being of their loved ones top priority, often absorbing the emotions of many, calling upon extraordinary grace and patience in the face of new challenges added to life’s “normal” complications, and attending to their own needs last. Rose Beyond the ThornsTM identifies the flowering beauty, strength, and adaptability of wounded warrior spouses and caregivers beyond life’s thorns and unites them in an environment for shared learning and respite.





Ray Coffey (USMC Ret) and I built Semper Fi Farm's first fence. Ray Coffey (USMC Ret) and I built Semper Fi Farm's first fence.

Semper Fi Farm

Fostering healing through togetherness and

"Mission Accomblished"

in Rural Retreat, Va


Now operating in Wythe County, VA, SemperMax Support Fund in partnership with Semper Fi Farm continues its National reach with a local flair. The peaceful farm setting with running creek provides a refuge to wounded, ill, and injured veterans and their families and opportunities to participate in activities that focus on respite, togetherness, and most importantly, purpose. 

Built by Tim Maxwell in 2007. Built by Tim Maxwell in 2007.

Purpose-filled Retreats 

One of the most challenging areas of veteran recovery is a loss of purpose. Veterans are mission driven. Wounds, illnesses, and injury often remove the opportunity to pursue military missions to which veterans are accustomed. Many struggle with a loss of identity and their morale plummets. Throughout the year, veterans and their families become part of the Semper Fi Farm family as SemperMax Support Fund hosts purpose-filled retreats in Wythe County. Veterans and family members are provided lodging, food, and relaxation along with opportunities to serve by assisting the farm proprietor, a Purple Heart recipient, with scheduled projects and/or daily maintenance of the farm and its livestock. Veterans and their families find renewal in assisting with tasks such as installing a fence, building a barn, creating a campfire pit, caring for the sheep, or simply gathering eggs.


Veteran's Flag Day 

Veteran families understand all to well the sacrifices offered to uphold America's tenets and to protect its people. SemperMax works to support wounded, ill, and injured veterans and their families and gold star families throughout the lifecycle of recovery. Annually, SemperMax Support Fund hosts a Flag Day celebration and remembrance to honor those who paid the price of liberty to various extent and form, and to celebrate their courage with a show of unity and resources so they will know they are not alone. Opportunities for renewal through outdoor activities, music, and shared experiences are made available. Veterans and families are able to camp at Semper Fi Farm and partake in outdoor activities like: fishing, hiking, archery, etc. Members of the community are also invited to Saturday’s festivities. 2016 - 63 participants. 2017 - 100 participants.