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Hi, parents!
My name is Alexis Maxwell. I am 22 years old and currently a student at Texas A&M
University. My parents are Tim and Shannon Maxwell, founders of Sempermax Support Fund. I

was 10 years old when my father was wounded with a traumatic brain injury - and since, my
parents and I have been extremely involved in advocacy for the wounded, ill, and injured
community's needs. Iím very excited to tell you about a new support system that I am aiming to
2004-Woundedl_Home_Xmas2004_3e for your children. I have created a Facebook group that your children can join along with
other children of wounded, ill, injured, or fallen veterans. While this may seem insignificant, this
is a huge opportunity for your children to have a support group of others who have been and are
still in their position and can truly understand what theyíre going through. My goal is for them to
all have a safe place to discuss any of their thoughts and emotions, as well as ask questions
and gain understanding about some of the things happening that they may not understand or
may be struggling with. Aside from that, this will also be a general place of support and advice
for them. Whether it be about college information or help with any other issue in their life - it
doesn't necessarily have to be injury or military related. Additionally, I will periodically add
resources for your children to view and make use of, such as a list of college scholarship
opportunities that they may be eligible for based on their parentsí status. There will be
ambassadors, myself included, who will be running the conversations in the group and are
available for your children to talk to separately if wanted. While we will continue to be available
for your c
hildren, the long term goal of all of this is that they'll build relationships with each other
and over time, our involvement will decrease. They'll have each other to talk to. There are
support groups for the wounded, support groups for the caregivers, but really nothing like that
for kids other than temporary camps, so the hope is to build
2004-Woundedl_Bethesda_PH them a truly interconnected network
that they will then keep going. This group is a completely private, completely confidential group
in which no one will be added, or have access to post and see anything unl
ess approved by the
moderator (me). This will be a very safe place, no negativity, bullying, discrimination, or
judgement will be tolerated and anyone who tries to insert that type of behavior into the group
will be removed and blocked from access.

There is a serious lack of resources for children at the moment. Both in the way of
outside support and connection to true peers, and in methods for them to learn about their
parentís injury, changes in their behavior, changes in the family, and changes to them. My goal
is to provide your children with the former, and using that, lead them to the latter. While my aim
right now is for this group to be geared toward teens and college-aged kids, it will be your call as
the parent to determine whether or not you want your child to participate depending on their
age. If you do have children whom you feel are too young to participate in this but still need help
and would benefit from having someone to talk to, feel free to give them my phone number or
email address, and I will help them individually in any way that I can. Whatever the age of your
child and the level of their participation, I ask that you keep in mind that I am NOT a trained or
licensed therapist, nor are the other ambassadors. This is simply a peer group. We do have
some adult advisors, senior to us, who will provide guidance on a situation by situation basis if

2006needed. Their involvement will be indirect and limited. If at any time we have a sense that
someone is in crisis, we will encourage them to talk to their parents and a license clinician. I
must emphasize, we are merely people who have been through what your children are going
through and have experienced a lot in the many years since our parentsí injuries. Please let me
know of any concerns you may have now or at any time, and I will gladly discuss everything with
you further. This is meant to be a fantastic opportunity for your children, and I strongly urge you
to encourage them to participate fully. If you decide that you want your children to participate,
please tell them about this and send me or Shannon Maxwell an email containing the name of
your child, their age, school and grade, a little background on your spouseís injury if you feel
comfortable, and any other information you feel I should know. A picture would also be helpful
so that I can be sure to add the right people.
Once you have done so, I will send you an email
confirming their addition to the group and containing the description of the group that your
children will see in it, restating all of the processes and rules. Please understand, however, that

unless there is a safety concern that pertains to a threat to your child or someone else's health
and safety, this will be the extent to what is shared with you from my end, and the end of any of
the ambassadors. This group will only work as a true safe-zone for your children if they trust that
confidentiality is kept. Thank you and Iím looking forward to working with your kids!

Warm regards,
Alexis Maxwell
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