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March 13, 2008
Hello to my extended military family!!
Yes, it's that time again.... I have had another surgery and thought I would let you know what is going on with us!!  I had surgery on March 7, in which Dr. Rodriguez realigned my jaw, debulked some of the excess soft tissue in my mouth, and removed some bone and bone marrow from my hip bone and grafted it into my upper jaw just below my nose.  I was in the hospital for a couple of days, and came home on Sunday, complete with a swollen face and sore hip. However, I am recovering quickly, and don't stray too far from my Percocet!!  Dr. Rodriguez did a(nother) great job with my surgery, and Dahlia and I are excited about this big step forward in the recovery.  Last week we also met with the oral surgeon who will be working on my dental implants, as well as the surgeon who will be performing the surgery to bring forward my left eye socket - two more steps in the right direction.  I will be home for a couple of weeks, and then pick up again with work, NAMARA and the reserve Command and Staff course, all of which I am really enjoying.
Things are going great for Dahlia right now as well.  Her classes are going great, and although she is in only the second semester of her PhD, she has a good idea of what her thesis will be in a couple of years.  She will be able to incorporate her previous experience as a teacher (especially teaching ESL in California), as well as the research methods she is learning and all the challenges different school systems face in successfully and holistically integrating immigrants into their school systems.  One of her professors asked her to teach a class for her, which went wonderfully, and she is already working on a project which may end up being published.  Needless to say, she is very, very busy, but seems to excel in that environment. 
So, that is where we are right now.  I hope everyone on this email distribution list is doing great, and is excited about the rest of this year as we are.


Justin Constantine's
One Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of when I was shot in Iraq.   Somehow I have muddled my way this far, and I can sincerely say that I owe   that accomplishment to the people on this email distribution list (there are probably others as well whose addresses I just couldn't find in my email account, so if you notice that I missed somebody, please pass this on to them.)   It has been a long year

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 I was just looking at your webpage and thought I would touch base with you. I am going to Johns Hopkins this Friday for some major surgery on my mouth. The surgeons are going to take a bone from my left leg and use it to reconstruct the top of my mouth. The doctors at Bethesda did that already with a bone from my right leg when they were reconstructing my jaw. I am excited that the surgery date is already here - it is a huge step in the right direction.

Your website continues to motivate me


Last time I saw you in the hospital (about 3 weeks ago) I told you I would send you a picture that Dr. Kumar took right when I got to the Bethesda, and another more recent one.  Here are a few for you.  One is from just last week when I went to a nearby elementary school to thank them for all of the cards they sent me.  By the way, I was watching a TV special, and it was talking about the Wounded Warrior barracks.  I saw a sign that said Maxwell Hall... Was that named after you?
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