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Veterans' Flag Day


Veteran families understand all to well the sacrifices offered to uphold America's tenets and to protect its people. SMSF works to support wounded, ill, and injured veterans and their families and gold star families throughout the life-cycle of recovery. This event will honor those who paid the price of liberty to various extent and form, and will celebrate their courage with a show of unity and resources so they will know they are not alone. Opportunities for renewal through outdoor activities, music, and shared experiences will be available. Veterans and families will be able to camp at the farm and partake in outdoor activities like: fishing, hiking, etc. Members of the community are also invited to Saturday’s festivities.

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The History of Flag Day:

President Woodrow Wilson donned June 14 as Flag Day in May 1916, stating, “It is the anniversary of the day upon which the flag of the United States was adopted by the Congress as the emblem of the Union.” In his proclamation, he stated it should "be given special significance as a day of renewal and give significant expression to our thoughtful love of America, our comprehension of the great mission of liberty and justice to which we have devoted ourselves as a people, and...our determination to make it greater and purer with each generation, which we shall stand with united hearts.”

US Flag Day Poster 1918US Flag Day Poster 1918

Past Veterans' Flag Day