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SemperMax Support Fund was established in 2009 as a continuation of the legacy of team healing initiated in 2005 by LtCol Tim Maxwell with the concept of the Wounded Warrior Barracks (Maxwell Hall) at Camp Lejeune, NC. During his time as the USMC spokesman for wounded veterans and their families, he and his wife, Shannon, learned that injuries to the body, no matter how severe, are not the main problem. 


Referred to by many wounded veterans and their families, including the Maxwells, as "a battle," the invisible issues are far more difficult than any of us predicted. Battles occur in medical issues (too much or too little medicine, doctors opinions, physical evaluation board, etc.), personal relationships, future profession abilities, PTSD, depression, etc. While every warrior does not have to fight the same battle, most of them fight their battles at every phase of recovery.

In both war and peace, warriors have a partner—a buddy. Whether an E-3 or an O-7, when warriors kick in a door to clear a room, someone needs to be “on your 6.” True warriors understand this term. True warriors know what it feels like to have someone covering them. Without them, the chance of victory is very low. And yet, nearly every warrior refuses to ask for help when fighting this “different” type of war. And like a regular war, without a partner, without a team, their chances of victory are very low.

Information, motivation, humor, and new ideas shared between warriors with the same experience are the most powerful medicine in the world, and can make a positive difference in everyone’s lives. Togetherness is the most powerful weapon of them all.

The SemperMax Support Fund serves wounded, ill, injured, and Gold Star families from all branches of the military.

You can learn more at www.SemperMax.com

Or Contact:

Tim Maxwell
910 548 8024

Shannon Maxwell
910 546 0403

Mission_pics_05 MISSION

The mission of SemperMax Support Fund is to enhance morale and welfare of wounded veterans and their families.


Concept - Attack problems (medical care issues, financial issues, drug/alcohol issues, depression, PTSD, etc.) and form caring connections by advocating and synchronizing multiple solutions.

End State–reduced isolation, disenfranchisement from society, and suicide.

Services SemperMax Provides

Mission_pics_08Advocacy to Help Warriors Fight Personal Battles

Like coordinating military assets (infantry, artillery, tanks, air, etc.) in a battle; SemperMax connects warriors with resources (sport events, legal assistance, financial assistance, PEB assistance, etc.). This personal and detailed advocacy is what we spend the greatest amount of focus on throughout the year.  

Warriors Vision

We provide advice and, if possible, "kick off" financial assistance to warriors who have an idea for a program that is focused on wounded veterans.

Togetherness Programs

Warrior 2 Warrior

This program of peer mentorship engages wounded veterans to visit other wounded veterans at their place of residence or care facility. The goal is to reduce feelings of isolation and disenfranchisement from society.  The program envelopes wounded veterans and families back into a team environment where support, networks, and advocacy can make positive forward change in their lives.

Meeting of the Minds

Group gatherings provide a heightened sense of shared impact - a reminder that no one is alone in the sequelae of traumatic injuries or events.  Meeting of the Minds brings together wounded warriors, their families, and families of KIA in an informal forum where socialization and sharing of experiences, best practices, limitations, hopes, dreams, etc. can lead to collective healing and positive relationships.

Rose Beyond the Thorns™ - Spouse and Caregiver Support Group

Spouses and caregivers of wounded service members give the care and well being of their loved ones top priority, often absorbing the emotions of many, calling upon extraordinary inner grace and patience in the face of new challenges added to life’s “normal” complications, and attending to their own needs last.  Rose Beyond the Thorns™ identifies the flowering beauty, strength, and adaptability of wounded warrior spouses and caregivers beyond life’s thorns and unites them in an environment for shared learning and respite.


SemperMax Support Fund is currently run by the Maxwell family out of their home. It is an all volunteer force, and is governed by a board of directors made up of active duty military, wounded veterans, and civilian business owners. The organization incurs very little (1-2%) overhead and utilizes the personal physical assets of the Maxwell Family (office space and utilities, phones, cars, computers, etc.) for its operations.

The organization’s fiscal year runs October 1 through September 30.

Funding sources include individual and corporate donations, with no funding from government entities.

Copies of the organization’s 990s can be found on our public website on the financial report page under Our Mission and provided upon request.


Communication between warriors is extremely powerful. While not as good as being together, it is very effective.

Phone call–a simple phone call is the most powerful communication asset. SemperMax calls warrior who need our assistance. We would like to call warriors just to ask them how they are. Unfortunately, there are over 500 FWIIGs (Family/Wounded/Injured/Ill/GoldStar) on our team. It is impossible to personally call everyone.

Text–this is very effective. Text messages are personal and they are much quicker than phone calls. However, it is still impossible to contact everyone on the list.

Personal e-mails–used primarily to contact wounded warriors with information and resources. Depending on the situation, e-mails are followed up by a phone call.

Group e-mails–all SemperMax Members are part of a "list" (group@SemperMax.com) where they can communicate with each other. Currently, there are 450+ on the list.


We hope to improve in 3 major areas:

Recruiting/Connecting–There are hundreds of thousands of FWIIGs in America. We hope to find all of them.

Increase Warrior Communities–The Warrior Community model is a successful one, but it currently has geographic limitations that at times become an obstacle to warriors. Our hope, and that of our partners, is to expand these warrior communities into every state across the nation.

Increase Meeting of Minds and Rose Beyond the Thorns Programs–Participation in Meeting of the Minds and Rose Beyond the Thorns programs is often determined/limited by school, work, children’s schedules, and the ability to pull another caregiver into the home.  The largest request from participants is for MORE.  They express that there are no other programs available that as effectively meet their needs, and that more options throughout the year would afford them an opportunity to attend. In addition, the relatively small to medium group size has been determined to be ideal, particularly when mitigating the sensory overload for TBI participants and allowing the participants to connect with each other.  We hope to provide MORE Meeting of the Minds and Rose Beyond the Thorns events in MORE locations




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