Maxwell's Article on the News

The article is called "Fanilies of Fallen Divided: Not all agree on mistakes in Iraq"

It was written by Russ Bunum: Associated Press

That was, and is, a good article because it allows the readers to hear the perspective of others. That is a good thing. Remember, in this country, freedom is allowed. Individuals can disagree, without fear of being attacked for disagreeing.

If you say to yourself "Well, of course", you have not traveled the world. At least, you have not traveled to parts of countries that are not in the vacation area. Trust me on this one. We have seen both. We have been in countries where the area that is by the ocean, where the Americans will be coming for their vocation, those areas are nice. But go inland. See the towns that are deep in the country. They often lack the freedom, the right, to disagree.

But we don't have that problem. Not here in America. So we have the article. An article that directly identifies differences in opinion.

But there is one   thing. The title of the article.

"Fanilies of Fallen Divided: Not all agree on mistakes in Iraq"

Yeah. It's America. Of course there are disagreements.

But like I wrote, it is a good article. And those are good opinions shown here. Very good. Most importantly, they are even in comments. We often see in the TV News that specifically addresses one or the other. And of course, the reporter usually seems to have an opinion. I miss the day when reporters just reported the news. Not their personal beliefs.

Thank goodness, many of the newspapers still do it the old way. They just give news.

Still...I wonder how hard it was to find those who are for/against pares Bush's decision.

My opinion, and the opinion of many wounded Marines and sailors who I have met and talked to,,,

We are for it. We understand it. We know.

Bin Laden does not believe in Freedom.

We do.




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