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Projects are an important part of our farm. Every farm requires work. Lots of work. And many people don't want to do any work. They would rather receive their checks and eat more food.

But there are many of us combat veterans that can't stand doing nothing. Sitting around thinking; over and over. It drives them crazy! Boredom is not a healthy thing, especially when it comes to combat veterans.

But in Semper Fi Farm, boredom is gone. There is always work that needs to be done. Work that anyone can do. Positive work that includes camaraderie that most people do not understand. And what combat veterans miss.

Work at the Semper Fi Farm; hard work, provides it. I call it therapy. 


2019 SFF Annex- New Land/Farm Project!

2019 Semper Fi Farm Annex 2


2019 SFF - Building of the cow chute/head gate

2019 Semper Fi Farm - Power for the Sheep Sheds 

2017 SFF Bridge 2

2017 SFF Bridge 1

2017 SFF New Fence

2016 Maxwell's Therapy

2017 SFF - Natural Water Flow

2016 SFF Projects

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