This is just a few is my SemperMax TBI Teammates!  Note that TBI is a non-descriptive term.  TBI can mean an individual is crippled, but whose brain works fine. Or a TBI recipient may be fiscally OK, but mentally not so much. TBI's patients might have penetration, Or they might not. TBI is non-descriptive. It's like using the term 'limb loss' every time you meet someone who has lost a leg, or a hand, or a foot, whatever. If you think that losing a hand is the same as losing an are... or a leg... you are an idiot. Most of you know that that is not the same. Losing an arem is nothing like losing a leg. Yet, medically speaking, they are the same. A limb loss.

The term TBI is the same. While it does identify your type of medical challenge, it certainly does not explain what the problem really is.

And yet, the only term they use is TBI. Sometimes, they do separate TBIs as mild, moderate, and severe. But that only separates level of penetration. It does not explain the actual damage you are dealing with.

Check out this slideshow, and you will get a few examples of different types of TBI.




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