I want to say thank for a different group of people.

You see, I am a Marine, one who was wounded in 2004, who was kept in the Marine Corps with a simple task. I was to travel and visit other wounded warriors; of all services. And as I traveled, I met the most amazing people in the entire world.


I am talking about families of wounded warriors.


Mom's, dads, wives, aunts and uncles, grandpas and grandmas, and of course, your own kids.


Families stay with wounded warriors 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and in many cases, for years.


I have met families that have gone bankrupt because they refuse to leave their warriors side.


I have seen wives, like my own, that have to change their entire life. In some ways it is like having a new child in the house.


I have seen children that hold their dads hand while he cries with frustration. Like mine.


I have seen girlfriends who have dropped out of college just so they can be with their boyfriend. And who usually, for example the Hoffmans, are now married despite the fact that he is totally cripple.


I have seen families who have had to fight for the best medical care available for their warrior, insurance be damned.


So, for the  hundred of families that I had met... and for the thousands I have not...


Thank you


Without you, me , and others warriors would never have been the same.






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