There are many ways you can support Wounded/Ill/Injured/GoldStar Families (WIIG). You can donate money, of course. Every penny is used to support Team SemperMax. That support is focused upon togetherness.

Why togetherness? Because no one; no psychologist, no doctor, no friend, not even a parent, can understand what they are going through. But when a WIIG gets to chat with another WIIG....it's just better.

So that is why we request donations. Togetherness.

But there are many other ways you can help. Without money. 

If you are interested, fill out the below form. There are thousands of things we are not doing. Some little things, like making a phone call. And some BIG things, like setting up a hunting trip. 

And it is your choice, not ours. Remember, the "staff" consists of two people....Shannon and Tim Maxwell. 

Anything you can do is much appreciated!

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